Clicker Heros Hack

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Clicker Heroes Cheat - About us

About us

What is this site about ?

We are site for providing you the Clicker Heroes cheat where you can connect it with your account and obtain a large number of coins, souls and rubies.

How long do we exist ?

We first appear on the internet in 2010 year when we created a page for online clicker heroes hack and as the time passed we just updated and make the hack better and better.

But a some time later we saw that his domain is free so we transfered our page with the generator on this page as we knew that this site will help the people this way better.

Are we responsible for any Account deleting or Not gaining resources?!

We deffinitly are NOT responsible if this hack won't work for you, because everyday this game become better and better so if your account get deleted at any purpose or this hack is not working for you, we are NOT responsible at any case!

This is only a page you SHOULD NOT make it unless you want it on your risk. With time the success rate has lowered drastically so only if you have a lot of luck you can create it. If you want PURE game and CLEAN game , do NOT do this hack otherwise you will be disapointer. Remember it is BAD to cheat in the game, you can better earn that resources with your own game play !!!

DISCLAIMER: If you want your account to be respected do it all by yourself and DON'T use ANY kind of hacks, cheats or generators !

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